Piping Basic Borders

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Duration: 24:39

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When transferring final iced cakes onto base boards or stacking them on top of another cake, you may notice a slight gap between the cake board and base board or the cake below. Piping a basic buttercream border is one easy way to finish the bottom edge and cover any small gaps or damage caused by transferring. They can also be used to polish up the top edge of a cake or to contain a filling such as candy. Head into to kitchen to learn more as cake designer Rachael Teufel lets you in on all of her tips and tricks for piping the perfect border.

With lots of practice and patience, even beginner decorators can master Rachael’s simple methods and find their own rhythm! All it takes is a combination of timing, equal pressure, and movement. Included are valuable tips on holding your piping bag and proper wrist and hand placement for extra support. Watch and learn and she creates a pearl border with a small round piping tip and a number of different styles with the star and leaf tip on a flat surface and on the side of a tiered cake. These simple techniques for creating buttercream borders can be applied to create a multitude of different styles with different tips. For more information on the basics of cake decorating, head over to Rachael’s videos on How to Fill & Secure a Piping Bag and How to Use a Coupler & Piping Tips.