How to Clean an Airbrush

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Duration:   5:52   mins

We all know that keeping our tools clean is important—a dirty airbrush can actually cause major mishaps on your cakes and cookies with splatter or mixing of colors. Join Rachael Teufel in this free video to learn all about how to clean an airbrush properly.

Rachael will walk you though each step from clearing paint in between color changes to a deep clean for long-term storage. Clearing the airbrush to switch colors is fairly easy with a quick rinse of water, but Rachael takes it a few steps further to ensure you know how to unclog the airbrush when needed. You will learn how to disassemble the airbrush to clean those hard-to-reach areas where paint can build up causing “dry brush” splatters or complete clogs.

Not sure what “Dry Brush” is? No worries, check out this video and find out if your airbrush needs a deep clean.

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