Maddie Gartmann

Coloring Royal Icing

Maddie Gartmann
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Duration:   14  mins

Wondering what the best way to color your royal icing is? This helpful video shows you how to color your icing in a few easy-to-follow steps. Cookie expert Maddie Gartmann walks you through coloring two different kinds of royal icing: piping icing and flood icing.

To begin, Maddie starts with freshly prepared royal icing. She adds white food coloring to the icing in order to make the white really pop. Since the icing is still fairly thick, she adds a spritz of water to thin it out slightly. She then places a piping bag into a pint glass and fills it. To make the white flood icing, she adds water to the icing with a spray bottle and looks for an “eight-second consistency.” This consistency is tested by running a spatula through the icing; it should take six to eight seconds for the icing to fill in the path made by the spatula.

Maddie then demonstrates how to create a light blue and a dark blue using sky-blue food coloring. She is careful to add the food coloring slowly, as it can be difficult to lighten the color of your icing once you’ve added the food coloring. It’s important to remain patient while coloring your icing in order to achieve the color you’re looking for.

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