Jenny McCoy

How to Pipe Buttercream Roses and Leaves

Jenny McCoy
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Duration:   10  mins

Continue to work on your piping skills by learning to pipe the classic buttercream rose and some filler leaves with Jenny McCoy’s step-by-step instructions. While these flowers take a bit more hand control, don’t stress! Jenny shows you the exact placement and angle for each petal. She’ll start by showing you all the tools you will need to get started: a flower nail, a rose petal piping tip, a piping bag, parchment squares, and of course, some delicious buttercream. Start by creating a rose bud and learn to build layers of petals to make small, medium, and large roses. Practice makes perfect so don’t worry if your flowers look a bit wilted in the beginning; since these beauties are piped on parchment paper they can go right back in the frosting bowl until they are ready to bloom again.

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