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Swiss & Italian Meringue Buttercream

I used to be that client; you know the one who says they don’t like buttercream. Prior to learning how to make Swiss and Italian meringue buttercream, I would eat the cake and leave the overly sweet American icing behind. Now I can be found licking the light frosting right off the whisk with my…

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Layered Cake Mixing Methods

Most of my favorite memories and days end with cake, whether it was my childhood Barbie cake, Grandma’s angel food cake, or our show stopping wedding cake. It’s amazing to think all of these were made out of the same six simple components: flour, sugar, fat, eggs, liquid and a leavening agent. When combined using…

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The Easiest Way to Create Faux Wood Grain Cookies

From country western themes to rustic weddings, faux woodgrain can be the perfect addition to many cookie sets. A woodgrain pattern can act as a subtle but realistic background on your cookie to make words and phrases pop, and can be achieved using a simple, but effective method. Materials needed: Brown airbrush dye Fan brush…

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