Rachael Teufel

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   3  mins

Creating animal-themed cupcakes may seem difficult, but we promise, it is easier than you think. With just a few colors of buttercream, some standard piping tips, and a little direction from cake designer Rachael Teufel, you will be making adorable teddy bear cupcakes in a matter of just three minutes. Follow along as Rachael teaches you step-by-step how to pipe a snout, create that fluffy fur texture, and add a few final details to add character to this sweet teddy bear cupcake. She also shares a few tricks for piping with buttercream that will help you speed along your process. These cupcakes can easily be made by anyone with little to no experience necessary. So grab your favorite buttercream and get piping!

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