Rachael Teufel

Modern Cupcakes

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   10  mins

Less is more! Modern design is all about clean lines and highlighting the materials used. In this lesson, cake designer Rachael Teufel applies modernism to three simple and unique cupcake designs. She proves that stylish cupcakes don’t have to be time consuming.

First up is a linear sprinkle design. After icing a cupcake with a large round tip, she places two types of colorful sprinkles in a line across the top. Next, Rachael shares her secret on how she baked up a square cupcake using a traditional round cupcake liner. Then she decorates it with three rows of piped buttercream and tops it all off with a beautiful molded flower. Last, she ices a cupcake with an American-style crusting buttercream and creates a smooth and even top using the powdered sugar method.

Then she creates a modern geode-inspired design from several sizes of sugar, from sanding to a coarse rock candy. Rachael encourages you to think outside the box and explore cupcakes and sprinkles in ways you haven’t tried before to create something truly unique!

Check out Rachael’s premium video on Molded Flowers to get tips and tricks on how she created the yellow daisy featured in this lesson.

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