Elisa Strauss


Elisa Strauss
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Duration:   12  mins

Whether you are trying to fool someone or simply create someone’s favorite food item out of sugar, making a hyperrealistic cake is easier than you think with the help of cake designer Elisa Strauss. Elisa’s easy to follow step by step video instruction will guide you though the process of sizing, shaping, and texturing modeling chocolate into the looks of a pickle using minimal tools.

Along the way, she shares her tips and tricks for thinning the edges, curing the ends, and adding in the subtle details that transform this versatile medium into an entirely different object. Then follow along as Elisa brings this pickle to life with a combination of powdered food colors and a few drops of lemon extract to create shadows and highlights. This layering of color gives the pickle lots of depth. She even shares a money saving tip for painting that you won’t want to miss.

And finally, Elisa adds a layer of shine that really makes this pickle look as if it were just plucked from a jar and full of juice. Check out Elisa’s “Can It Be Cake: Deluxe Cheeseburger Cake” class for more amazing hyperrealistic techniques.

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