Maddie Gartmann

Rolling Out and Chilling Dough

Maddie Gartmann
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Duration:   9  mins

Don’t skip the most crucial step in making sugar cookies that are baked evenly and maintain their shape. Join TikTok influencer, Maddie Gartmann in this premium video to learn her process of rolling out and chilling sugar cookie dough for a perfect cookie every time.

In this video, Maddie shares two different ways to roll out cookie dough to ensure an even thickness throughout. You will learn about a fancy rolling pin that takes the guesswork out of the process, as well how to make accommodations to a standard rolling pin to achieve the same level of perfection. Rolling out level dough is an important step to prevent icing from sliding off an uneven cookie. Maddie’s process also does not require adding any extra flour or sugar to prevent sticking when rolling out the dough, so the dough keeps the same texture and consistency throughout the entire process.

Along the way, Maddie shares her tips and tricks for making this process as simple as possible while tackling some of the common problems that may arise when making cookies and how to fix them. Check out Maddie’s “Cookie Dough Recipe” video for more information on how this beautiful dough comes together.

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