Rachael Teufel

Rainbow Cupcakes

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   3  mins

If you are looking for a fun and easy cupcake project, join cake designer Rachael Teufel in this free lesson to learn how to turn traditional gummy candy into a colorful cupcake. Using ready-made candy not only add lots of flavor, texture, and color to an otherwise plain cupcake, but it also allows us to create more detailed items quickly and easily.

There is a large variety of candy styles and shapes available, and just about all of it would be suitable as a cupcake topping. Don’t be afraid to pick some unique candies to spice up the flavor profile or tone down the sweetness with a sour addition. Coordinate your design in advance with specialty candy or let the candy dictate the pattern for you—either way, the design options are endless with just a little bit of creativity.

Rachael will inspire you to think outside of the “candy” box with this sweet and tangy rainbow. Looking for more rainbow treat ideas? Check out these videos: Smile, It’s Bear-Ly Raining or CCD Gold: Pot Of ‘Gold’

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