Naked and Barely Iced Cakes

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Duration: 12:17

Rustic buttercream cake designs are a popular choice among couples saying “I do.” These cakes have been gaining more and more popularity as many couples opt for outdoor weddings. Head into the kitchen with cake designer Rachael Teufel in this free video to explore two popular styles of rustic cakes.

Naked and barely iced cakes are a simple cake design that even beginning cake decorators can master in no time! Follow along as Rachel creates a naked cake and shares her methods for hiding the base board, proper dam placement, and achieving a clean icing on top without it spilling over the sides of the cake. Included is also a demonstration on a barely iced cake with tips and tricks on properly sealing the cake while leaving the layers exposed. These two rustic designs can be elevated with fresh flowers, fruit, sprinkles, or a colorful drip. For more details on designing, check out Rachael’s videos on using fresh flowers as décor, cutting and glazing fresh fruit, and drip décor.

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2 Responses to “Naked and Barely Iced Cakes”

  1. Araxie Arzoumanian

    To prevent the cake from drying don’t you brush a coating of sugar syrup between the cake layers? Without any syrup the cake by the time the cake is eaten, it is going to get very dry.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Araxie. You can certainly use simple syrup to help keep the layers from drying out, but the cake will still dry out around the outside regardless of the syrup. I much prefer to enclose it in a glass dome to keep the entire cake moist.
      Creative Cake Design

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