Colette Christian

French Madeleine Cookies Recipe

Colette Christian
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Duration:   16  mins

Learn how to bring a French cookie classic to your kitchen with help from renowned pastry instructor Colette Christian. Colette takes you step by step through her mocha madeleine recipe, sharing all of her secrets—including how to prevent these tasty French treats from getting stuck in the pan.

Plus, she points out every stage of sifting, mixing, and piping these shell-shaped cookies to make sure you can repeat her success in your own kitchen. You’ll learn a tried-and-true technique for fully combining all of your dry ingredients.

Colette shows you each of the stages of taking egg yolks and sugar from a liquid stage to a smooth and velvety ribbon stage, perfect for adding just the right amount of fluff to these cookies. Next, she shares her efficient J-stroke method for folding in dry ingredients without deflating this airy batter. Colette also demonstrates how to fill your piping bag with minimal mess and how to pipe the perfect amount of batter into that classic shell-shaped pan. Then watch as they bake up into a soft, cake-like, decadent chocolate cookie.

Click here for Colette’s mocha madeleine recipe.

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