Jenny McCoy

How to Make Chocolate Glaze & Poured Fondant for Cake Decorating

Jenny McCoy
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Duration:   21  mins

Join Jenny McCoy in the kitchen to learn how to make the two most versatile and popular cake glazes around: chocolate glaze and poured fondant. Whether you’re looking to add more chocolate to a chocolate cake or complement another flavor with a touch of chocolate, you won’t want to miss this video. This chocolate glaze not only adds great flavor to your cakes, but creates a beautiful shine as well. It is perfectly smooth and just the right consistency to cover a buttercream iced cake flawlessly, leaving the perfect canvas for adding additional decor items. The dark color lends itself to a more masculine appearance while maintaining elegance, which makes for a great groom’s cake.

Next up, Jenny will teach you how to make a poured fondant that is ideal for glazing petit fours. While poured fondant is sweet, it has a mild taste, allowing the flavors of the cake and filling being covered to really shine through. A thin layer locks in moisture, preventing the cake from drying out as well. Don’t be afraid of trying these glazes as Jenny shares her tips and tricks for fixing icing failures along the way.

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