Recipe: Chocolate Cake & Five Flavor Variations

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Duration: 19:06

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If you love chocolate, this cake class is a must! Join Jenny McCoy as she whips up a decadent, moist chocolate cake using the easiest cake mixing method available: the all-in-one method. All you need is a large bowl and a whisk to mix up this delicious super dark chocolate cake batter. Along the way, Jenny teaches you about the specific ingredients used in this recipe and how each ingredient plays a role in the final texture of the cake. Can you guess which ingredient makes this cake super moist?

You’ll also learn how to prepare each ingredient for incorporation into the batter and why sifting dry ingredients is so important. Jenny shares some secret additions on how to make this fool proof cake in five different variations including espresso almond cake, chocolate hazelnut cake, toasted coconut chocolate cake, double chocolate chip cake, and a spicy cayenne chocolate cake. These flavors add just a little twist to a traditional chocolate cake that are sure to please any chocolate cake lover.

Now that you have a wonderfully versatile chocolate cake recipe, check out some of Jenny’s other videos to find the perfect icing, like Swiss meringue buttercream or a chocolate glaze!