Mark Scarbrough

Making Mini-Cakes in Your Turbo Blender

Mark Scarbrough
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Duration:   26  mins

Be a sneaky nutritionist with culinary instructor Mark Scarbrough’s help! In this lesson, Mark demonstrates how to truly bake from scratch by making your own flour. Grinding up whole-grain soft white wheat berries in a turbo blender turns these grains into a super fine flour similar to pastry or cake flour. This makes a very tender baked good compared to all-purpose flour.

You’ll learn to feel for the right texture of your flour to ensure the perfect grind, and then your freshly ground flour is ready to use in one of Mark’s decadent recipes or one of your own. If you love brownies, you’ll want to bake up these irresistibly fudgy espresso brownies with whole-grain flour as soon as possible. This is an easy batter to assemble with minimal fuss using Mark’s time-saving tips and tricks. And it is a versatile recipe, allowing you to skip the espresso if you’re not a fan of coffee or you’re baking these for the kids.

Along the way, Mark—the prolific author of more than 30 cookbooks—shares information about whole grains, like how to know when the grains have gone rancid and how to store them to prolong their shelf life. Last, Mark shares delicious recipe for vanilla cake muffins with chocolate cinnamon crumble topping that are so tasty, no one will even know you’ve used whole-grain flour.

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