• 3:28

    Storing Buttercream

    After you have whipped up a big batch of American buttercream, learn how to store it in this free lesson with cake designer Anita Algiene. Although it is best to use freshly whipped icing when icing cakes and cupcakes, Anita recognizes that that isn’t always practical. There are times when you may need to make…

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  • 15:16

    Making American Buttercream

    American buttercream is a smooth, creamy and sweet frosting that is easy to make and stable at room temperature. Head into the kitchen with Anita Algiene as she whips up her favorite recipe for American buttercream. First Anita demonstrates how to perfectly cream the butter and high ratio shortening together to avoid any lumps and…

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  • 14:56

    Decorating Cupcakes for a Baby Shower

    Baby rattles, flowers, and bears, OH MY! Head into the kitchen with cake designer Rachael Teufel for another adorable cupcake display perfect for any baby shower. First up is a two-tone rattle. Rachael demonstrates one of her favorite powdered sugar methods to create a beautiful smooth, fondant like top, but his time she uses two…

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  • 10:21

    Modern Cupcakes

    Less is more! Modern design is all about clean lines and highlighting the materials used. In this lesson, cake designer Rachael Teufel applies modernism to three simple and unique cupcake designs. She proves that stylish cupcakes don’t have to be time consuming. First up is a linear sprinkle design. After icing a cupcake with a…

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  • 21:50

    Decorating Winter Themed Cupcakes

    Tis’ the season for Baking! One of the best parts of the holidays is getting into the kitchen with those you love and baking up sweet treats to share. Head into the kitchen and get creative with cake designer Rachael Teufel as she shares three different holiday cupcakes perfect for all ages! Rachael walks you…

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  • 14:07

    Decorating Autumn Themed Cupcakes

    As the seasons start to change, warm up in the kitchen with cake designer Rachael Teufel as she shares three easy autumn cupcake designs. First, she demonstrates how to use a star tip to create a pumpkin with lifelike ridges and a stem. Next, she creates a stunning red rosette flower adorned with buttercream leaves.…

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  • 8:50

    Piping Frosting on a Cupcake

    From birthdays to weddings, cupcakes are a fun and affordable way to celebrate! Fill up a piping bag, grab an offset spatula and meet cake designer Rachael Teufel in the kitchen as she demonstrates multiple ways to frost a cupcake. From the perfect swirl of buttercream to a rustic stucco buttercream, Rachael’s easy techniques will…

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  • 10:48

    How to Pipe Buttercream Roses & Leaves

    Continue to work on your piping skills by learning to pipe the classic buttercream rose and some filler leaves with Jenny McCoy’s step-by-step instructions. While these flowers take a bit more hand control, don’t stress! Jenny shows you the exact placement and angle for each petal. She’ll start by showing you all the tools you…

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  • 11:49

    How to Make Frosting from Scratch: Swiss Meringue Buttercream

    Buttercream icing comes in many forms including store bought canned icing, traditional powdered sugar American buttercream, and a variety of meringue-based buttercreams. Each variety has different qualities that may or may not be suited for your cake decorating. In this video Jenny discusses a few styles of buttercream and why she prefers one style over…

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