Anita Algiene

Making American Buttercream

Anita Algiene
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Duration:   15  mins

American buttercream is a smooth, creamy and sweet frosting that is easy to make and stable at room temperature. Head into the kitchen with Anita Algiene as she whips up her favorite recipe for American buttercream.

First Anita demonstrates how to perfectly cream the butter and high ratio shortening together to avoid any lumps and achieve a perfectly light and fluffy mixture. She then adds in the liquid ingredients, flavorings and powdered sugar and whips to perfection.

Along the way Anita shares her insight on baking with volume vs. weight and room temperature butter. Don’t miss Anita’s two secret ingredients to create an ultra-light and ultra-white buttercream! Anita’s tried a true recipe is great for fillings, icing and piping! It is a versatile recipe that colors and flavors well with extracts and even fruit preserves.

After you have whipped up a batch, head over to Rachael Teufel’s videos on “Naked and Barely Iced Cakes” for some beginning cake decorating ideas.

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