Anita Algiene

Intro to Piping Tips

Anita Algiene
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Duration:   4  mins

From tiny stars to unique Russian style or giant icer tips, piping or decorating tips come in an overwhelming number of different sizes and styles. Join cake decorator Anita Algiene as she shares the seven basic piping tips every beginning cake decorator should have in their kit. Explore the drop flower tip, rose or petal tip, two sizes of star tips, two styles of leaf tips, round tip, and grass tip with Anita as she gives examples of how each can be used with buttercream cake and cupcake designs.

Anita also shares a couple ways you can use piping tips in non-traditional ways! Anita recommends you invest in a small decorating tip set to get you started. Have some fun and explore each one and all the different styles they can create!

Fill up a bag and head over to Rachael Teufel’s lesson on “Piping Basic Borders” to get started or “Decorating Spring-Themed Cupcakes” for some fun designs that feature the grass tip.

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