• 21:44

    How to Make the Best Dinner Rolls

    Nothing lures guests to the dinner table like an overflowing basket of homemade dinner rolls! Head into the kitchen with Jenny McCoy as she shares professional production techniques to create three dinner rolls simultaneously. First, Jenny steps you though mixing soft and pillowy Rosemary Potato Rolls before she moves on to a versatile Seven Seed…

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  • 9:38

    Piping Rosettes, Stars & Pearls

    Dive deeper into piping with this follow-up video to Piping Basic Borders with cake designer Rachael Teufel. In this lesson, Rachael demonstrates easy buttercream decor using a star and round piping tip. Starting with a pre-iced cake, Rachael creates a crescent moon shape along the top of the cake with scattered pearls, stars, and rosettes…

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  • 10:03

    Luster Drip Décor

    Drip cakes are beautiful on their own, but you can easily enhance their look by adding a luster dust. In this follow-up video to Drip Décor, cake designer Rachael Teufel teaches you an easy cake decorating technique that takes minutes to create. Head into the kitchen as Rachael demonstrates two variations of shiny drips from…

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  • 32:35

    Palette Knife Floral Texture

    Palette knives have been used to create museum worthy art throughout history by famous painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. Today, cake artists are trading in the oil-based paints for edible buttercream and applying those same techniques to cakes. Come along with cake designer Rachael Teufel as she shows you just how easy…

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  • 18:38

    How to Bake the Best Quick Breads

    Jenny’s impressive quick breads make perfect gifts and delicious treats for holiday gatherings. In this video, watch as she prepares pumpkin chocolate chip bread (her modern twist on the seasonal favorite) and apple cranberry bread packed with whole-grain goodness. Not only does Jenny share her recipe tips and tricks, but she shares the science behind…

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  • 21:57

    How to Make Chocolate Glaze & Poured Fondant for Cake Decorating

    Join Jenny McCoy in the kitchen to learn how to make the two most versatile and popular cake glazes around: chocolate glaze and poured fondant. Whether you looking to add more chocolate to a chocolate cake or compliment another flavor with a touch of chocolate, you won’t want to miss this video. This chocolate glaze…

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  • 24:46

    How to Make a Stable Whipped Cream Frosting

    Learn to make stabilized whipped cream frosting that holds up well for cake decorating. It’s a simple technique that turns cream into a fluffy yet thick frosting that pairs perfectly with fresh fruit and many styles of cake. Join Jenny McCoy as she explains the different stages of whipped cream and when you might use…

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  • 19:06

    Recipe: Chocolate Cake & Five Flavor Variations

    If you love chocolate, this cake class is a must! Join Jenny McCoy as she whips up a decadent, moist chocolate cake using the easiest cake mixing method available: the all-in-one method. All you need is a large bowl and a whisk to mix up this delicious super dark chocolate cake batter. Along the way,…

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  • 25:40

    How to Make Flavored Chocolate Mousse

    Light and airy but full of flavor, this chocolate mousse is perfect for layering in a cake or eating straight from the bowl. Join Jenny in the kitchen to see how she creates this luscious mousse using the traditional French pâte à bombe technique. Pâte à bombe simply refers to the base and is used…

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