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Making Frozen Desserts in Your Turbo Blender

Creative Cake Design Editors
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Duration:   20  mins

Easily whip up a pint of creamy, delicious malt frozen custard or raspberry cheese cake ice cream! Join culinary instructor Mark Scarbrough as he shows you how to use the heat created by your turbo blender to create two different ice cream bases and a chocolatey hot fudge sauce.

You’ll start by learning the difference between gelato and traditional ice cream to understand how an American frozen custard comes together with eggs and cream. Then see how quickly a custard base forms in the turbo blender with just a few simple ingredients. Along the way, Mark shares tips for keeping your custard safe with proper storage and usage of eggs, as well as reaching the suggested temperatures while mixing, chilling, and freezing to achieve the perfect texture and thickness every time.

Once the base is ready for the ice cream maker, Mark explains the importance of how much air is churned into the ice cream to keep it soft and creamy and why a high end frozen custard is so different from a cheap ice cream. Mark also shares his recipe for a thick and delicious, ice cream shop style hot fudge that comes together in a matter of minutes.

And lastly, learn to make a sweet and tangy cheesecake ice cream that is layered with raspberry jam for a swirly treat. These frosty delights — which can be made in any type of ice cream maker you have — are guaranteed to please any crowd!

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