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Making a Layer Cake in Your Turbo Blender

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Duration:   20  mins

Make a delicious birthday cake that both parents and kids will love! Cookbook author and culinary instructor Mark Scarbrough shares his recipe for a whole-grain(!) sour cream cake with a zesty lemon curd buttercream and toasted coconut. Watch as Mark demonstrates step by step how to make this scratch layer cake all in the blender — no need for extra bowls. He starts by grinding up whole wheat berries into a fine flour. It is healthy, delicious, and doesn’t get more scratch than this!

Along the way, Mark offers his experience and advice including in what order to add the dry and wet ingredients to blend the batter more quickly and efficiently without over developing gluten. This process is the key to a moist and fluffy cake with a tender crumb that simply melts in your mouth. These cakes bake up beautifully with a soft golden color.

As the cakes are cooling, Mark whips up a batch of creamy American style buttercream with cream cheese and lemon curd for a rich tangy flavor that pairs perfectly with this light cake. He will show you how to level your cake layers and apply a rustic homestyle frosting that is garnished with toasted coconut and rainbow sprinkles for a festive birthday feel.

Download Mark’s Sour Cream Layer Cake with Lemon Curd Buttercream Recipe

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