• 13:43

    All About Cake Boards

    You have all your supplies ready to tackle that gorgeous cake floating around the internet, but have you thought about what goes underneath all those layers of sugar? These days cakes come in all different shapes and sizes, and one of the most important elements of any cake is the cake board. That’s right, cake…

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  • 14:03

    Arranging Molded Flowers

    After you master the techniques to make beautiful flowers from silicone molds, learn how to arrange and attach them to a buttercream cake in this premium video. Cake designer Rachael Teufel walks you through placing your flowers to create a gorgeous arrangement with tons of depth and texture. Prior to placing any flowers on the…

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  • 27:01

    Baby Shower Cookies

    Bringing small, beautifully decorated sugar cookies to a baby shower event is a great way to celebrate the welcome of a new little one! If you are looking to expand your cookie designing skills, this video will give you some useful techniques. You’ll learn to create five baby-themed designs from cookie expert Maddie Gartmann. Decorate…

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  • 13:07

    Chocolate Bark

    Chocolate bark is an incredibly fun, delicious, and easy way to elevate any cake design and really let your creativity shine! The best part? With chocolate bark you don’t need to be an expert cake decorator to make a show-stopping cake! In fact, this is a lesson the whole family can enjoy. Check out creative…

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  • 6:18

    Coloring Fondant

    If you’ve mastered fondant and are ready to add bright, bold colors to bring your cake creation to life, you’re in the right place! Adding color to fondant is an easy way to drastically change the entire look of your cake design. Soft, subtle pastels can transform a plain, white cake into a romantic wedding…

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  • 14:14

    Coloring Royal Icing

    Wondering what the best way to color your royal icing is? This helpful video shows you how to color your icing in a few easy-to-follow steps. Cookie expert Maddie Gartmann walks you through coloring two different kinds of royal icing: piping icing and flood icing. To begin, Maddie starts with freshly prepared royal icing. She…

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  • 11:50

    Covering a Cake with Fondant

    For many beginner cake decorators, learning how to cover a cake in fondant can be scary, but once you learn how to use this sweet staple, your cakes will instantly become next level! Whether it’s a wedding cake or a birthday cake, covering it with fondant will instantly impress all the guests at your event.…

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  • 28:48

    Creating Geometric Patterns

    Geometric patterns have been used for centuries to create unique, eye-catching designs in art, architecture, and now cake! Head into the kitchen with cake designer Rachael Teufel as she discusses geometric design and demonstrates how to create an original design on your next cake. Her easy-to-learn, time-saving methods can be applied to a multitude of…

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  • 35:07

    Creating Ruffles

    Ruffles can be featured on a variety of cakes from wedding designs to the princess cake of every little girl’s dreams. In this premium lesson, cake designer Rachael Teufel demonstrates how to create a variety of ruffles that range from tiny and delicate to wavy or rustic. Rachael’s easy to master techniques can be applied…

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