• 7:28

    What is Isomalt and What Are the Differences Between Isomat & Sugar?

    Did you know that Isomalt is used is several common products we might already have in our homes. Join sugar artist, Sidney Galpern in this free video to learn all about Isomalt and how it differs from standard granulated sugar. She shares several qualities of Isomalt and provides a few advantages as to why isomalt…

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  • 6:40

    Sealing Isomalt & Using Edible Glaze

    If you’ve ever worked with Isomalt or poured sugar then you’ve probably asked yourself, “How can I keep my Isomalt creations from getting sticky or cloudy?” In this free video, Sidney Galpern will not only teach you how to keep your sugar work smooth, clear, and shiny, but she explains why sugar pieces get cloudy…

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  • 5:52

    How to Clean an Airbrush

    While we all know that keeping our tools clean is important, a dirty airbrush can actually cause major mishaps on your cakes and cookies with splatter or mixing of colors. Join Rachael Teufel in this free video to learn all about how to clean an airbrush properly. Rachael will walk you though each step from…

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  • 13:12

    Wafer Paper Do’s and Dont’s

    Wafer paper is a flexible sheet of edible paper that can be manipulated into many different shapes. This medium has several uses like making flowers, bows, sails, and wraps to name few, but it can be a little finicky by being too dry or too wet. Join Rachael Teufel in this free lesson to learn…

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  • 8:19

    Getting Started with an Airbrush

    From cookies to cakes, an airbrush machine is an exciting addition to any decorator’s tool kit! They can be used with stencils to create intricate patterns or even create depth and dimension on three dimensional cakes. Don’t be intimidated by all the noise, head into the kitchen with cake designer Rachael Teufel in this free…

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  • 4:56

    Cooking Isomalt from Scratch vs Using Pre-Tempered

    From life-like waves to precious jewels, the possibilities with Isomalt are endless! Head into the kitchen with cake artist Sidney Galpern in this free lesson as she breaks down the differences between cooking Isomalt from scratch and buying pre-tempered Isomalt. Raw, also known as powdered or crystal Isomalt, needs to be melted to a specific…

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  • 4:20

    Decorating Techniques: Wet-on-Wet

    Wet-on-wet is a popular royal icing technique that can be used to create a number of eye-catching designs with ease. In this free lesson, cookie artist Maddie Gartmann demonstrates not only her favorite two consistency flood method with two colors, but also how to create realistic bubbles in a beer mug. This same technique could…

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  • 3:06

    How to Cut Your Piping Bag to Create Leaves and Roses

    Did you know you can create beautiful floral designs without any piping tips or special tools? In this free lesson, cookie artist Maddie Gartmann show you how easy it is to create beautiful rosettes and leaves with nothing more than a piping bag and a pair of scissors. First, Maddie steps you though how to…

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  • 2:07

    How to Prevent Air Bubbles

    There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours baking, mixing, and perfectly decorating your royal icing cookies only for them to be ruined by pesky air bubbles. Sure, you can help prevent them by carefully popping each bubble when you are piping or even gently tapping your cookies on a flat surface, but did you know…

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