• 12:10

    Stacking and Trimming Cake Layers

    Hiding underneath those perfect buttercream and fondant coatings lies beautiful layers of cakes, buttercream, and silky fillings. However, in order to achieve a smooth cake with a level top and straight sides, you must first start with a properly stacked and trimmed cake. Head into the kitchen with cake designer Rachael Teufel as she teaches…

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  • 13:37

    Tips for Baking with Chocolate (Plus a Delicious Brownie Recipe!)

    Don’t let all the cocoa percentages and varieties of chocolates in the baking isle confuse you! Join pastry chef Colette Christian in this lesson to gain the confidence you need to choose the right chocolate for your next baked creation! Colette provides valuable insight into how chocolate is produced and what each percentage means. She…

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  • 10:51

    Trimming and Leveling Cake Layers

    Have you ever noticed that two cakes baked in identical cake pans in the same oven can vary in shape and size? Everything from uneven rises with domes and sinking middles to shrunken and bulging sides and edges can occur. In order to end with a perfectly iced cake, it’s important to start with level…

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  • 11:45

    Using Nuts, Spices & Salt for Better Baking

    Explore how to boost the flavor of your baked goods with nuts, salt, spices, and vanilla in this lesson with pastry chef Colette Christian. Nuts are a wonderful ingredient to add texture and flavor to your recipes. Colette covers everything you need to know from buying and storing nuts to keep them from going rancid…

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  • 5:35

    Wrapping and Storing Cakes

    Don’t waste time aerating, mixing, and baking beautiful cakes for them only to dry out and become flavorless while decorating and storing. In this free lesson, cake designer Rachael Teufel explains the big impact storage can have on your finished product. After your cakes have cooled, Rachael shows you how she wraps them to store…

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