Wafer Paper Pom Poms

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Duration: 27:15

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Wafer paper is a medium that can be used to create some interesting designs that other edible mediums simply cannot do in the same fashion. Wafer paper, as its name implies, is truly a sheet of paper, but is made of edible ingredients. This means that wafer paper can take on the shape and folds just like regular paper. Join Rachael Teufel in this video as she creates a variety of decor items using wafer paper.

First up, Rachael will talk you through conditioning your paper appropriately to allow the paper to fold without cracking. Next, she’ll show you a time saving trick to cutting your paper quickly and efficiently. Once those circles are cut, Rachael will show you how to fold and assemble your wafer paper cutouts to create pompom balls, frills, and fans. Then, have a little fun piecing your decorations together on the cake to create a fun and playful design perfect for any occasion.

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