Wafer Paper Leaves and Vines

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Duration: 20:32

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Wafer paper is incredibly versatile and can be manipulated into a number of edible décor items including leaves and vines. They can be easily adjusted to fit any size or shape making it a perfect medium for beginning and advanced cake decorators. Head back into the kitchen with cake designer, Rachael Teufel as she shares a few techniques to create beautiful wafer paper leaves and vines with only a few simple tools.

Whether you choose to use scissors, an X-ACTO knife or a paper punch, creating edible leaves and vines has never been easier. Rachael kicks off this lesson by demonstrating two different methods to creating individual leaves on wires. Included are tips on keeping your wafer paper from becoming dry and brittle while working, as well as, how to fix leaves that fall off of the paper wire. Then she steps you through how to shape and color wafer paper leaves and stems to achieve a realistic depth.

Next, she demonstrates how to attach multiples leaves to create an arrangement or even vine. Lastly, Rachael includes a second method to creating intricate and delicate vines with a paper punch. Also included along the way are tips and tricks on efficiency, tips on working with floral tape, steaming wafer paper, twisting vines and easily attaching to a cake. All of these techniques can be used to create or accent realistic or even fantasy arrangements.

To keep learning, check out some of Rachael’s other wafer paper videos to create florals to complement.