Wafer Paper Wraps

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Duration: 24:56

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Creating elaborate designs and patterns on cakes doesn’t have to be time consuming. In this premium lesson, cake designer Rachael Teufel shows you an easy way to achieve intricate designs in a fraction of time with edible wafer paper wraps. Whether you choose to invest in an edible printer, send custom images into a local grocery store or select a stock pattern online, the possibilities are endless!

Starting with a fondant cake, Rachael demonstrates how to apply perfect stripes to a round cake. These same techniques can be applied to any size or shape of cake and any pattern of wafer paper. First, Rachael starts by showing you how to easily adjust designs to fit your cake and how to take into account for curves and edges. Then she shares valuable pointers on preventing cracks and breakage when trimming wafer paper and applying it to the cake, as well as how to store your designs while you are working.

Once her wafer paper is ready, she creates a thin and uniform layer of adhesive to adhere the wafer paper. Included are her tips and tricks on avoiding and fixing common mistakes like gaps from shrinking wafer paper, indentations on fondant cakes, wafer paper that bubbles up, cracks or curls away.

Finally, she shows you how to overlap slightly transparent wafer paper to create a seamless look and shows you how to trim it directly on a cake. With Rachael’s expertise and guidance, you too can create crisp and clean patterns with ease!

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