Airbrushing with Stencils

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Duration: 25:58

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Utilizing stencils is one of the easiest ways to transfer a pattern to a cake or cookie. Head into the kitchen with cake artist Rachael Teufel as she shows you her method for applying a pattern to a round fondant cake with a stencil and an airbrush machine. Before you pick up your airbrush machine and mix colors, Rachael helps you prepare your stencil and adjust it according to the height and width of your cake to create crisp top edges and prevent overspray.

This same process can easily be applied to any height, width or shape of cake. Then, Rachael lets you in on her secrets to keep the stencil from pulling away for the sides of the cake and shifting while painting. From there, Rachael walks you through how to plan out your stencil placement hiding little imperfections and taking into account for one area of potential overlap on the back or side of the cake that can be strategically covered with décor. She also provides two options for attaching the stencil to the cake to create crisp and clean patterns.

Once she ensures the stencil is flush around cake, Rachael dilutes some color and the fun begins! Included are tips on how to achieve full coverage of the stencil while minimizing overspray and avoiding gaps, building up deeper colors in layers without dripping and beading paint, preventing spills and pesky splatters, removing areas of overspray, and lining up stencils with repeating patterns.

With Rachael’s help and a little practice, you too can create stunning designs with your airbrush machine and stencils. To take your airbrush skills to the next level, check out Rachael’s premium video entitled Air Brushed Mountain Scene.