Rachael Teufel

Fondant 101: Storing

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   2  mins

There is nothing like the excitement of opening a fresh bucket of fondant when decorating a cake! However, there is also nothing like the frustration of opening a container only to find old, dried-out fondant when you’re finally ready to cover a perfectly iced cake. Dried out fondant is difficult to work with and often results in chunks of sugar, a lumpy surface, and tearing!

In this video, cake superstar Rachael Teufel quickly shares how she stores and preserves her fondant so that it’s always ready for her next cake. Whether you’re covering a cake, molding a fondant figure, or creating fondant flowers, it is essential to have soft and pliable fondant to work with. Taking the time to store your fondant right will save any cake decorator hours in the long run and help your fondant stay fresh! Bonus? All you need is some plastic wrap! Once you have kneaded and stored your fondant, be sure to check out the last video in our series Fondant 101: Rolling where Rachael will show you the best way to roll out your fondant and achieve perfect results when applying it to your cake!

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