Fondant 101: Rolling

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Duration: 3:27

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You made it! No doubt your arms are sore from kneading and storing all that fondant in our previous Fondant 101 videos! You’ve put in all the prep work and now the time has come to join Rachael Teufel once more as she shares how to prepare and roll out fondant for your cake. Whether you are new to cake design or just new to using fondant, this is an essential tutorial to watch.

Did you know there is a right and wrong way to roll out fondant? The wrong way can result in air bubbles, uneven fondant, or fondant so thin that it tears when you try to cover your cake! Not to mention, these errors can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and take all the fun out of your cake design! Rachael will help you eliminate those frustrations in your cake decorating process by demonstrating the very best way to roll out the perfect piece of fondant to cover your cake. All you need is a good rolling pin, some powdered sugar, and a smooth surface to practice this easy technique. Grab your cake supplies and let’s get rolling!