Different Molds to Use With Isomalt Simi Cakes

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Duration: 5:29

Utilizing molds is one of the easiest ways to achieve a highly detailed sugar piece or even just a simple two dimensional shape, but not all molds are made the same. Join sugar artist Sidney Galpern in this free video to learn which molds are ideal for use with isomalt and which ones you should save for other mediums like chocolate.

You will learn the pros and cons of three styles of molds typically used to make hard candies and isomalt pieces starting with silicone, moving to high heat plastic, and finishing with metal. While each of these mold styles work great, you will not want to miss Sidney’s prepping method to ensure a flawless release from the surface of the mold. For a more in depth look at isomalt check out some of Sidney’s other videos all about this sugar free medium.

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