Decorating Techniques: Wet-on-Wet

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Duration: 4:20

Wet-on-wet is a popular royal icing technique that can be used to create a number of eye-catching designs with ease. In this free lesson, cookie artist Maddie Gartmann demonstrates not only her favorite two consistency flood method with two colors, but also how to create realistic bubbles in a beer mug.

This same technique could also be applied to soda, wine or even under the sea themed cookies. The possibilities are truly endless! Along the way Maddie shares valuable pointers on creating a seamless and level design. It’s truly all about understanding the timing and royal icing consistency. Also included are tips and tricks to illuminating real bubbles and creating crisp edges between multiple colors and edges.

To see the complete cookie design, check out Maddie’s premium lesson on Saint Patrick’s Day Cookies.

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