St Patrick’s Day Set

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Duration: 29:01

After you have mastered mixing and coloring royal icing, fill up a bag and head into the kitchen with cookie artist Maddie Gartmann to create a fun set of St. Patrick’s Day cookies. This cohesive set includes a beer mug with realistic bubbles, a shiny pot of gold, two different shamrocks and an adorable leprechaun gnome, all of which are created with only a few basic tools every beginning cookie decorator has in their kit!

Along the way Maddie demonstrates two different methods to creating a flawless flood, a classic wet on wet technique, a modern marble dip and valuable pointers on piping. From the perfectly level two-tone beer mug to the two-dimensional leprechaun, Maddie breaks down how to perfectly time and plan out each color and layer them to create the desired one-dimensional look or the ideal puffy icing.

Also included are tips and tricks to avoid craters in smaller areas, creating and mixing colors without over saturation, avoiding pesky air bubbles and how to add additional dimension though outlining. Maddie encourages you to use the cutters as a guide and adjust them to add more depth and visual interest. She also shows you how to transform cookie cutters from other holiday sets into new designs without purchasing more cutters. You will never guess what the pot of gold cutter used to be! Once you have mastered these basic techniques, the possibilities are endless.

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