Rachael Teufel

How to Use a Coupler and Piping Tips

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   5  mins

Piping tips and couplers are some of the most affordable and versatile decorating tools available to cake designers. Whether you are piping a border, a message on top of a cake, or small intricate designs, every beginning cake decorator should invest in a few basic tips of varying sizes.

Head into the kitchen with cake designer Rachael Teufel as she shows you how to use piping tips in piping bags with or without a coupler. Included are tips and tricks on how to cut piping bags to the proper size in order to secure the tip without it falling though or impeding the tip design. Rachel also demonstrates how to utilize the coupler for multiple tips with the same color of icing.

For more cake decorating tips for beginners, check out Rachael’s next video on How to Fill & Secure a Piping Bag and Piping Basic Borders.

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