Sidney Galpern

Cooking Isomalt from Scratch vs. Using Pre-Tempered

Sidney Galpern
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Duration:   4  mins

From lifelike waves to precious jewels, the possibilities with Isomalt are endless! Head into the kitchen with cake artist Sidney Galpern in this free lesson as she breaks down the differences between cooking Isomalt from scratch and buying pre-tempered Isomalt.

Raw Isomalt, also known as powdered or crystal Isomalt, needs to be melted to a specific temperature that varies by manufacture. Sidney explains how higher and lower temperatures affect Isomalt. If it is not tempered properly, it can be very problematic with large showpieces and cake toppers. Sidney also shares her insight on all the different recipes available and breaks down how the added ingredients affect the final product.

Don’t miss her valuable tip on the type of water to use in your recipe to reduce the number of impurities and ensure a crystal-clear product. If you would prefer to take all the guesswork out of it, then you might choose a pre-tempered Isomalt or Isomalt gems. Sidney’s side-by-side comparison will help you understand your options and pick the one best suited for you and your project.

For more beginning tips on working with Isomalt, check out Sidney’s premium lesson on How to Melt and Prepare Isomalt.

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    What is Isomalt?

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