How to Melt and Prepare Isomalt for Use (Keeping Bubbles Out)

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Duration: 17:50

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Do you have issues with bubbles in your finished Isomalt creations? Well, head into the kitchen with cake artist Sidney Galpern as she shares her tips and tricks to avoid bubbles and keep your sugar pieces crystal clear. In this lesson, Sidney discusses two ways to heat pre-tempered Isomalt and demonstrates her favorite heating process from start to finish.

Along the way, you see what isomalt should look like during a few stages of the process so you’ll know if your isomalt is too cold, too hot, or just right for pouring. Sidney also shares a few troubleshooting suggestions to keep your Isomalt clear and avoid yellowing or burning your Isomalt.

You’ll also learn about a few of her favorite tools for working with Isomalt and how they help reduce product waste (ie. save money), clean up faster, and stay safe while making your sugar creations. And, don’t miss number one recommendation for what NOT to do!