Arranging Sugar Flowers

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Duration: 16:26

After investing all that time into creating each petal and leaf by cutting, shaping, drying, dusting and wrapping, it’s finally time for all of that hard work to pay off! In this final step to creating sugar flowers, cake designer Rachael Teufel helps you pull it all together and shows you two ways of creating beautiful sugar flower arrangements.

Rachael starts with small bundles of stephanotis blooms and buds, leaves and roses in order to speed up the process and make it easier to arrange. For more information on starting with small groupings, head back to “How to Wrap and Finish Flower Stems” for a refresher. First Rachael explores arranging the flowers in a small bouquet on top of a fondant cake without disrupting the surface of the cake. This can also be done on buttercream, but it is not as easy to rearrange without damaging the surface of the cake.

After playing a bit, Rachael settles on creating a small cascade of flowers that starts on the top and gently falls over the top edge. Included are tips and tricks on protecting the cake from coming into direct contact with the floral wires, avoiding multiple holes, utilizing individual blossoms to fill in gaps and wires, using broken leaves and pedals to your advantage. With Rachael’s pointers on alternating placement and using odd numbers, you will be creating beautiful eye-catching arrangements for you next cake!

To add some variety to your arrangements, check out some of Rachael’s other sugar flower videos to make new style of flowers.