Airbrush Basic Techniques

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Duration: 19:26

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From cookies to cakes, airbrush machines are a tool that every designer should have in their arsenal. They allow you to create realistic depth, intricate stencils and achieve a beautiful spectrum of colors with ease. Don’t be intimidated by all the noise, it just takes practice! Grab your airbrush machine and join cake designer Rachael Teufel in the kitchen as she helps you gain a better understanding to how airbrush machines work.

First, Rachael shows you the difference between a larger compressor and a small portable airbrush machine. She also breaks down how to use and hold a dual-action airbrush paint spray gun to control both the air and paint. Rachael encourages you to try multiple positions to find what works best for you. Then, Rachael steps you though four basic airbrush strokes perfect for any beginner to practice on paper before transitioning to your sweet design.

Included are tips on creating broad strokes for full coverage applications, thin lines for more detail, dart or dagger strokes for lines of varying width and dots. Also included are pointers on how to avoid pesky paint splatters. Lastly, Rachael kicks it up a notch and demonstrates a more advanced skill. Using a stencil, she steps you though how to create a perfect sphere with realistic shadowing and highlights. Once mastered, this technique can be applied to create realistic 3D sculpted cakes or beautiful landscape designs featuring a moon or even sun. It just takes practice to master the perfect speed, pressure and distance.

With Rachael’s basic airbrush pointers, you too can move on to create bigger and better airbrush masterpieces! To continue building up your airbrush skills, check out Rachael’s premium video to create a beautiful Airbrushed Mountain Scene.