Maddie Gartmann

Winter-Themed Cookies

Maddie Gartmann
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Duration:   37  mins

Are you ready for winter? You and your holiday guests are sure to warm up with a fresh batch of these cozy cookies! Watch and learn how to create a beautiful set of unique and whimsical cookies for any cold weather party. In this video, cookie expert Maddie Gartmann shows you how to create a charming white snowflake, a cable-knit winter hat, a mug of delicious hot chocolate, a snow-covered tree, and to top it off, a fun cardigan sweater! This is a great opportunity to practice your skills with royal icing and flooding icing, and includes some challenging piping patterns and wet-on-wet decorating techniques for those who want to expand their cookie decorating abilities!

You will begin by outlining specific areas with the royal icing to create a dam that will keep your icing in place. Then, you will learn step by step how to apply each color to create these wintry patterns. Maddie explains how use the right amount of drying time for each section of the design in order create this beautiful cookie set.

For those who are looking to grow their decorating skills, this class will teach you how to pipe an easy cable knit pattern that resembles a winter hat. Watch and learn as our instructor skillfully demonstrates how to accomplish a wet-on-wet decorating technique to create more complex prints. You will also get the opportunity to practice your freehand techniques and learn how to use a cake decorating tip to create a yummy dollop of whipped cream.

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