Sidney Galpern

Sealing Isomalt & Using Edible Glaze

Sidney Galpern
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Duration:   6  mins

If you’ve ever worked with Isomalt or poured sugar then you’ve probably asked yourself, “How can I keep my Isomalt creations from getting sticky or cloudy?” In this free video, Sidney Galpern will not only teach you how to keep your sugar work smooth, clear, and shiny, but she explains why sugar pieces get cloudy in the first place.

Isomalt has a hydroscopic quality that can make this medium cloud up quickly. While this is typically an issue in more humid climates, Sidney explains that even in a naturally dry environment, Isomalt can still be affected by indoor air-conditioning or that random rainstorm passing through.

But don’t stress because she has three ways you can help preserve and extend the life of your sugar work. Her go to method for protecting sugar is edible glaze. Sidney will show you how to apply the glaze appropriately while also protecting nearby surfaces. She’ll also give you alternative option that doesn’t last as long as edible glaze but still gets the job done.

Need more help with Isomalt, check out some of Sidney’s other Isomalt videos like ”How to Melt and Prepare Isomalt” to keep out those pesky bubbles.

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One Response to “Sealing Isomalt & Using Edible Glaze”

  1. Helena Buehler

    Do you spray both sides of the piece with the edible glaze?

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