Maddie Gartmann

Royal Icing Ingredients

Maddie Gartmann
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Duration:   5  mins

Looking for a simple recipe for royal icing? Look no further! Maddie Gartmann, renowned cookie expert, shows you just how simple it is to make your royal icing from scratch.

13 cup of meringue powder
12 cup warm water
– 2 pounds of powdered sugar
– 1–2 teaspoons of your favorite flavoring (Maddie uses 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp almond)
– 1 tablespoon light corn syrup

In a large mixing bowl, Maddie adds the meringue powder, warm water, and flavorings. She whisks the ingredients together, making sure to break up any clumps. She continues whisking until she has a nice, light froth. She then adds the powdered sugar, and using the paddle attachment on the stand mixer, starts slowly mixing. As the sugar becomes incorporated, she adds flavoring and corn syrup and increases the speed to medium-high, then high. She mixes for three minutes total, noting that it is possible to overmix the icing. After three minutes, the royal icing should stand in stiff peaks.

With the royal icing base complete, you’re ready to move on to make your piping icing and flood icing. Let the cookie decorating begin!

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3 Responses to “Royal Icing Ingredients”

  1. Toni Kelley

    I’m so glad I watched this video, I always thought you had to add a fat to Royal Icing. This frosting looks wonderful can’t wait to try it. Thank you so much ❣️

  2. William Davis

    i am new to this. What is piping icing & flood icing & what do you do to make them?

  3. William Davis

    notice that the more i work the Royal icing the stiffer it gets and I can't smooth it out. Is there a way to make it less stiff when working with it?

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