Mixing Air Brush Colors

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Duration: 14:03

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Whether you are decorating cookies or cakes, an airbrush machine is a perfect tool to add vibrant colors, patterns and décor to your next masterpiece! Rachael understands that mixing colors can be intimidating for many beginning decorators and encourages you to equip yourself with the basics of color theory and understand the differences between primary and secondary colors as well as complimentary and contrasting colors.

Once you have a basis, grab your color wheel and meet cake designer Rachael Teufel in the kitchen as she shares some of her secrets to mixing, storing and blending airbrush colors. Mixing airbrush colors adds a whole new level of difficulty, these ultra-concentrated colors are difficult to see the true colors when mixing and blending.

Don’t miss Rachael’s tips and tricks to mixing custom colors in a separate jar, directly in the machine or on the surface of your cake or cookie. Also included are tips on how to clean out your machine between colors and illuminate any residual color, spraying color evenly while controlling overspray and avoiding unappealing colors when overlapping. Practice makes perfect with these easy techniques!

Rachael encourages you to fill up your airbrush machine and play with blending complementary colors together, choosing different undertones and overlapping your color schemes.