Sidney Galpern

What Is Isomalt and What Are the Differences Between Isomalt & Sugar?

Sidney Galpern
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Duration:   7  mins

Did you know that Isomalt is used in several common products we might already have in our homes? Join sugar artist Sidney Galpern in this free video to learn all about Isomalt and how it differs from standard granulated sugar. She shares several qualities of Isomalt and provides a few reasons why Isomalt is better than sugar for creating edible glass-like artwork.

Some of the amazing qualities of this sugar-free hard candy is that it is clear, strong, and durable which allows decorators more flexibility and a higher quality product that will last much longer than a traditional sugar decoration.

Isomalt is versatile medium that can be used in many ways like casting, pouring, pulling, sculpting, or blowing to make lollipops, hard candies, cake and cupcake toppers, ribbons and bows, and so much more. Let your imagination run wild with all of the possibilities.

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