Sidney Galpern

Introduction to Isomalt Casting—Simi Cakes

Sidney Galpern
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Duration:   12  mins

If you have always wanted to create shaped items from sugar, but felt intimidated or just didn’t know where to start, join sugar artist Sidney Galpern in this premium video to learn all about how to cast or pour Isomalt into molds. She starts this video by discussing all the tools needed to quickly and easily cast a sugar piece that can then be used on cakes, cupcakes, or any dessert item. Luckily, these tools are more common than you’d think and are likely already in your kitchen.

Next, Sidney reviews a few important safety precautions when working with boiling sugar. Be sure to follow her advice to keep yourself free from injury while still having lots of fun. Then, she heats of a bowl of Isomalt so you can learn the art of pouring a flawless sugar piece using a technique to eliminate bubbles for a clear result. While the sugar piece is cooling, she shares the dos and don’ts of how to color and flavor Isomalt to create more unique items. You won’t want to miss her simple trick for taste testing.

Then watch as Sidney unmolds a beautiful, clear glass-like seahorse. With a quick flash of the torch, she shares how to clean up any residual bubbles or sharp edges for a perfect Isomalt sugar piece. Once you finish this lesson, you’ll be pouring Isomalt like a pro!

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