Elisa Strauss

Hyperrealistic Cakes with Elisa Strauss and Rachael Teufel

Elisa Strauss
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Duration:   59  mins

Ever wonder what it takes to make a cake look like it’s not a cake? Here is your chance to learn how to make a hyperrealistic cake. Join us for a free one hour Q&A session with the one and only cake designer extraordinaire Elisa Strauss. Elisa is known for making cakes that look like realistic objects from food to fashion to people’s pets. She is often asked, “Is that really cake?” This is your opportunity to ask her anything you would like about cake! PLUS, download a free recipe for edible glaze too! It dries fast and leaves a beautiful shine behind. This glaze works on a variety of edible mediums and is perfect for creating realistic objects that need to glisten in the light. Click here to download the free recipe for the event!

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