How to Handle & Color Fondant

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Duration: 15:37

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Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, fondant can be intimidating and often frustrating. Let Jenny help you conquer your fear of this pliable sugar dough as she shares her best tips for handling, storing, and coloring fondant to make gorgeous, professional-looking decorated cakes.

Fondant is created with just a few simple ingredients that come together to form an edible claylike paste. There are several brands of fondant available so it’s important to choose a brand that works best for you based on your climate, price point, and availability. These factors along with your own personal preferences and skill level will help you determine the right style of fondant. Once you have chosen a fondant, it must be handled properly to avoid any drying out that would make working with fondant more difficult. While fondant can be finicky, Jenny shares a few tricks to keep your fondant the right consistency using two ingredients.

You’ll also learn the dos and don’ts of coloring fondant to achieve your desired color while kneading it properly to avoid air bubbles, distribute color evenly, and even save yourself a little energy. Jenny wraps up this video by sharing a fun and easy way to marble fondant creating colorful striations that will be sure to make a statement on your next cake.