Gender Reveal Cookie

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Duration: 4:20

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From smoke cannons to confetti balloons, gender reveal parties are all the rage with expecting moms. Head into the kitchen with cookie artist Maddie Gartmann in this premium lesson, as she shares a sweet way to discover the gender.

Starting with unbaked cookie dough in the shape on a onesie, Maddie shows you how to create a secret spot for the blue or pink icing to hide. After baking, she fills up the insert and demonstrates how to create a beautiful flood to conceal the inner color. Included are valuable pointers on Maddie’s go-to two consistency royal icing flood method. Once the icing is crusted over on the onesie, you can add in any special details you would like.

Maddie chooses to add some seams on the sleeves and a simple question mark. This unique technique could be applied to any number of baby themed cookies like a rattle or a bottle. Any mom is sure to love breaking open the cookie to reveal the color inside!

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