Fixing Fondant Mistakes

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Duration: 14:59

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Do you struggle with dry fondant? Does it rip when you try to move it to your cake? Do you end up with folds of fondant along the bottom? When it comes to cake decorating, there is nothing quite like that perfectly smooth fondant finish to see your cake design come to life! It’s a blank canvas to a world of edible sugar art! That is, until you roll it out too short, too thin, or find yourself battling that dreaded fondant elephant skin! Then what? Cover it up with a cake topper? Break out a buttercream border to hide it? Rip it off and start over? Not anymore!

Follow along with renowned cake designer Rachael Teufel as she shares some of her favorite tricks and tips to tackle some of those common fondant errors. All you need are a few basic cake supplies like shortening and powdered sugar and you too can achieve a perfect fondant base for your next great cake creation!