Decorating Cupcakes for a Bridal Shower

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Duration: 13:54

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Cupcakes are a sweet and easy way to celebrate the bride to be in your life! Head into the kitchen with cake designer Rachael Teufel as she shares three different ways to create elegant cupcakes.

First up is a non-traditional square cupcake. With a piping bag and offset spatula, Rachael creates a crisp square edge using the cupcake liner as a guide. Then she shows you how to adorn it with sprinkles and stylish fluted monogram.

The second design features a beautiful floral medallion full of intricate details and texture achieved in a matter of moments with an impression mat.

Lastly, is a mini cupcake decorated with a gorgeous rosette floral bouquet. Rachael demonstrates how to create a perfect rosette, stars and two-toned leaves. Also included is Rachael’s advice on designing a cohesive set of cupcakes and how she likes to pull them together with common elements. Rachael encourages you to embrace your creativity and customize these designs to fit the bride to be.

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