Maddie Gartmann

How to Cut Your Piping Bag to Create Leaves and Roses

Maddie Gartmann
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Duration:   3  mins

Did you know you can create beautiful floral designs without any piping tips or special tools? In this free lesson, cookie artist Maddie Gartmann show you how easy it is to create beautiful rosettes and leaves with nothing more than a piping bag and a pair of scissors.

First, Maddie walks you through cutting a disposable piping bag to create a star tip perfect for rosettes and drop flowers. Next Maddie demonstrates how to create a leave tip. She also includes pointers on royal icing consistency and how to adjust the bags for different sizes and shapes to create exactly what you want.

This technique is perfect for beginning decorators who are just getting started and don’t have a wide variety of tips and sizes. Maddie encourages you to fill up a bag and get creative with some floral designs on your cookies!

For step-by-step instructions on how to make the adorable cookies featured in this video, check out Mother’s Day Cookies with Maddie Gartmann.

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One Response to “How to Cut Your Piping Bag to Create Leaves and Roses”

  1. Traci

    What size bags did you use for the “How to cut your piping bag to create leaves and roses “?

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